Green Building

In line with bio-construction  criteria, the building rehabilitation was made with natural materials that are safe to health and the environment.

As a sustainable project, the hotel has a biological sewage equipment  to reuse waste water for irrigation; rain water is collected for use; heating and hot water are produced through a geothermal energy installation; wooden structures and carpentry are certified under ecological standards; flooring and wall coverings are made with natural stone, marble, and lime plasters; the paints and varnishes are open-pored and non-toxic; the use of electronic and wireless devices has been kept to a minimum in order to minimize electromagnetic fields; and lighting is mainly based on led and other low-power lamps.

In addition to the main buildings, we have created other garden spaces for recreation and games, as well as an ecological orchard with fruits and vegetables based on the use of effective microorganisms (EM) to transform organic garden and food wastes into compost.


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Just a few steps from Finca Portizuelo, our guests can enjoy beautiful beaches with varied characteristics…


Comfortable rooms, access to the orchard, gardens and the beach, meeting hall for group activities, multilingual library, and more.


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